I like obsessing over korean men.

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can i ask for a jackson scenario where you're a trainee and jackson's your boyfriend, you're the carefree kind of person. so one day it was your dance practice and you said you didn't want to go bc you're not feeling well. suddenly jackson said something like stop being so lazy just because you have an idol boyfriend like me blah blah and stuffs like that? you explained yourself and you two fought and while you're fighting, you lose balance and fall? a worried and apologetic jackson pls? <3

From my understanding a trainee doesn’t interact with an Idol at all. v.v


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What would jackson do/react if you were constantly pushing him away when he wanted to give you affection?

Jackson would get irritated, I think he’s really into skinship and he’d want to shower his girlfriend with affection a lot.

He’d back off and give you the cold shoulder until you came up to him and showered him with affection. ^^

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How will Youngjae of GOT7 react if he sees his girlfriend who joined a tennis club falling into her bed immediately arriving at their apartment, having bruises and scars all over her body because of training? I hope Jae can be super worried in this scenario hehe, thanks so much :)

You’re welcome!(:

Youngjae: He would immediately know something’s up when he’d greet you and you didn’t reply. He’d get up and start to walk up to you and you’d walked passed him without saying anything or looking at him and straight into your guys’ bedroom he’d follow you and watch as you collapse on the bed and he’d notice all of your bruises and scars. 

He’d sit down next to you on the bed and run his fingers through your hair and lay down next to you and just cuddle with you because he knows how rough practices can be. He’d probably run his fingers over your scars and kiss your head ^^ 

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How would Kyungsoo, Minseok and Lay react if you liked to give them random gifts? Even if it's just something simple she would just lay them down somewhere for them to find them~? And she may be very shy but she's very cuddly too~ n v n Thank you~ ♥

This is so cute!<3

Kyungsoo: Squishy Soo would love this! When he comes home from practice or from a concert and finds you sitting there waiting for him and you give him the present he’ll be grinning so wide. He’d come up to you and wrap his arms around you tightly and run his fingers through your hair and tell you he loves you. 

Minseok: Baozi would also love this! He’d come home after a having a rough day of rehearsals and he sees you on the couch in your pj’s waiting for him with the little present in your hands and  he’d smile at you and walk up to you, wrapping his arms around your shoulders so that he could hold you better and kiss your head and tell you that he loves you over and over again.

Yixing: Lay would also love this! He’d come home very tired and he’d see you in the kitchen making him food and smile and walk over to you, wrapping his arms around you from behind and nuzzle his head in the crook of neck and ask you what you’re doing. He’d say something like, “You’re so precious. I love you,” when you hand him his present and he’d kiss you all over your face while telling you all the reasons he loves you, because if you spoil him , he’ll spoil you back,too. ^^

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can you do a D.O or Daehyun scenario where he's on tour and you (his girlfriend) at home and its the first time he's been away from you for longer than a month (4 months away) and it gets too hard for you and you call him telling him how much you need and miss him and how hard its getting and once you hang up you start to hyperventilate and start getting anxiety attacks over how much you miss him and you need to go to hospital and what he would do if he found out. (thank you! either boy is fine)

The end of you question is confusing,hun. I’m not sure if you want a full scenario or a “how would he react/what would he do” scenario. 

But thank you for requesting!


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Can I have a scenario with BAP Daehyun pls? Where he teaches you how to dance but when you get started you look to the ground to watch your feet for stepping on his and he pulls your face up to look at him and not the ground.

"Come dance with me," Your boyfriend said and you cringed at the mere thought of dancing. 

"Dae," You said and sighed, "You know I don’t dance." 

"I’ll teach you," He grinned as he grabbed your hand and pulled you up. You frowned as he put one hand on your waist and held your hand with his other. 

He started to dance, well , attempted to since you were dancing with him and you had no idea how to dance … at all. 

You frowned as you stepped on his foot , making him chuckle. 

"It’s fine, keep going," Daehyun said and you sighed, looking at the your shoes to make sure you don’t step on his feet again. 

"Tsk,tsk,tsk. It’s impolite not to look you partner in the eye when dancing," He mused and you blushed as he gently cupped your face , making you look at him. 

"Much better," He said and gently pecked your lips.

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i really like how in that one scenario where it was about cheating you said "woman/man" and didn't automatically think we were all straight. i'm bi and idk, i smiled when I read that. you're very considerate! <3


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How would Chanyeol and Baekhyun cuddle with you

I answered something like this here ; [xxxx] ^^