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how would sehun react to you (his gf) sneaking into his bed late at night? thanks!

Sehun would be very very happy. Once he feels the bed shift and feels you snuggle up against him he won’t be able to wipe the grin off his face. He’d drape an arm around you and kiss your temple or he’d wrap both arms around you and pull you in closer. He might even run his fingers through your hair. 

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oh! you're doing gif reactions? uhm. sehun/d.o/kris when they see someone flirting with u?

Kris: “Uhm, what the hell do you think you’re doing?”image

D.O: “no.”


Sehun: “excuse u”

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luhan/chanyeol/sehun when you are an idol and they are your fans and they're at your concert ! c:

Ahh, I’m going to make this in gifs,ok? 

Luhan: image





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how would luhan/xiumin/chanyeol react to seeing you play with little kids? thanks!<3

Xiumin/Luhan/Chanyeol: They’d all feel like their heart was about to explode. It’d make them smile so much - they’d have the biggest grins on their faces.  They might even take pictures.

I think Xiumin might casually walk up to you and the kid you were playing with and just watch from not too far away. 

Luhan , I think would either watch you play with the kid, or go up to you two and play with you guys. 

I think Chanyeol will go up to you two and play with you guys. ^^

Anonymous asked

how would kissing be like with chanyeol and sehun? c:

Hello! Ooooh, my two biases <3 ~

Chanyeol: I think every day kisses would be very cute - they’d be little pecks when you least expect it. If you two were making out his kisses would be either ; slow and passionate, slow and teasing, rough and needy, or longing and passionate. 

Sehun: Every day kisses for Sehun would be slow and sweet ^^. If you two were making out his kisses would be very rough and passionate,also very needy. 


Anonymous asked

how would sehun and kai react to hearing you rap, and you're really good at it?

Sehun & Kai : They would both have the same reaction. They’d be surprised why you kept that a secret all this time. I feel like Sehun would wait until you finish rapping to tell you that you’re really good, whereas Kai would just blurt it out like; “Wow! You’re rapping is so good!” 

They’d probably rap along to the song (if they know it) with you. ^^

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Can you do Sehun/Kai/Luhan/Chen when they see you after 2 months because you in the states? Thank you!❤️

There is a three member per group limit! But , since this will be fairly short, and I’m in a mood to write, I’ll do it. No problem buttercup!


They would all react the same way - thrilled. 

Sehun: Sehun would either wait for you at the airport or if he had a key to your house, he’d surprise you at your house. If he waited for you at the airport I feel like he’d buy you a little teddy bear or something, maybe even a small bouquet of roses. Not too much - it was only two months, just enough to show that he missed you. 

As soon as he saw you walk out the terminal he’d make his way over to you. He’d probably come up behind you and surprise you. I can see him being really cute about this. ^^

Kai: Ahh, I don’t know why but I can really picture Kai waiting for you at the airport with a small bouquet of red roses. He’d just stand there casually and grin like a maniac when he sees you walk through the terminal. 

I don’t think he’d sneak up on you like Sehun would, though. I think that he’d speed walk towards you and immediately pull you into a hug and when the hug was over he’d hand you the flowers.

Luhan: LUHAN,LUHAN,LUHAN. Oh boy, Luhan. I can picture Luhan waiting for you at the airport with a medium sized teddy bear. Once he sees you walk through the terminal he’d power walk over to you and pull you into  a bone  crushing hug and give you the bear after.

I think he’d also have a little dinner (which was made by Yixing and/or Kyungsoo) prepared for you when you get home. Nothing too fancy, but it’d still be really sweet. ^^

Chen: Chen would bring you a rather large teddy bear and walk over to you when he saw you walked over to him. He’d grin until his face hurt and he’d pull you into a hug and peck your lips . ^^

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Thank you for hearing my prayers anon,I love Chanyeol.

Chanyeol: I can see Chanyeol getting jealous and disappointed. I don’t really see him getting mad (I think he might get mad if he was really stressed with practicing for upcoming concerts and his schedule was packed).

Like the other members he’d be jealous because you went out with another man. He’d demand for an explanation once he heard of the incident or saw it on the internet. 

Once you explained the situation to him he’d sigh and pinch the bridge of his nose. I can see him pulling you into a  hug and telling you that “You have to be careful because you’re dating an idol and people are going to try and start new scandals every chance they get.” He’d tell SM to clear it up.

He’d probably tell you to tell him where you’re going and who you’re going with next time. 

Anonymous asked

hi! I'm not sure if you're taking requests so if not then please ignore this and I'm sorry!! but if you are could you do "Kai/Baekhyun/Luhan when Disptach had released a picture of you and your guy friend on a friendly date." but with sehun? Thank you!

Hello sugarplum! I am taking requests, no need to worry.(:


Sehun : This bratty maknae would be more pissed off than dissapointed. He’d be furious because 1. You went out with another guy that’s not him (imagine Sehun getting jealous omfg) 2. You did not tell him about this ‘guy friend’ 3.You were reckless enough to get caught…To have Disptach of all media sources catch you.

Needless to say, Sehun would start an argument - and a pretty heated one at that. You’d have to cut him off in the middle of his lecture, which would result in him getting angier, but that would be the only way for him to shut up and listen to you. You’d have to explain everything, and I mean everything to him. If he still wasn’t calm you’d have to explain to everyone yourself what really happened. 

If he did calm down , he’d sigh and do his signature face at you. He’d scold you saying ; “You’re dating an idol now. You have to be careful with what you do and who you go out with. People are so desperate to start scandals and will follow you around everywhere.” He’d also go on twitter and explain to everyone what had happened, or he’d go to SM and tell them to clear everything up. 


You know how they say “If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be?

Well then, I guess it wasn’t meant to be. I walked right out that door, hoping that you’d chase after me. 

But you didn’t, you stayed with her.

I shrugged it off and went home, hoping you’d call me. Hoping that you’d stop by and apologize. 

But you didn’t, you still stayed with her.

I told you that we’re over, and I hoped that you’d plead me to come back. 

But you didn’t, you chose her. I guess it was always her, huh? Since the beginning right? Since I had walked in on you. How long have you been doing that - you know what? I’d rather not know. 

"Don’t forget me," I said and you nodded. 

But you did, you didn’t remember me 2 years later when I bumped into you on the street. 

"What’s your name?" You asked me.